Active Camp Muzik Group

ACTIVE CAMP (A.C.) became a dynamic duo group in 2012 relating back to past collaborations on each members separate projects. The fans requested such a change that the 2 artists couldn't pass up. Let's meet 20Money of Alabama and Burna Black of Florida now formally known as ACTIVE CAMP. One word describes this group, "CREATIVITY". A.C. gives the world a taste of R&B, Hip Hop, Old School, Jazz, and Hard Street sounds that separate them from a lot of southern artists. The ambitious journey that has taken place in A.C. has led to and begun more empowerment of the southern muzik scene, the upstart of the clothing line AC Wear, and the attention of fans and supporters. Stay tuned to ACTIVE CAMP (A.C.)


                                                          Photographer: Miss Lady

                                                          Musician: ACMG

                                                          Festival: The Orpheum in Tampa, FL 2012

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